Innovative disinfection for elite environments and certification for hygiene guarantee

This is the Innovation of the disinfection process for interiors with delicate surfaces and products,

HYGIENIO enables the most innovative method of disinfection on any surface. Through a dry steam which contains disinfectant particles is realized Hygiene and Disinfection 360 degrees on the floor, walls, furniture, clothing and clothes, with the ability to penetrate into microspaces where they usually find ground to multiply microorganisms. The results of laboratory tests guarantee dramatic action in more than 99.999% of the elimination of: Viruses such as CORONA VIRUS / COVID-19 within 1 minute, Bacteria within 5 minutes, Mushrooms and spores within 10 minutes. The HYGIENIO feature is innovative and has versatile use on all types of surfaces, air, delicate clothes, leaving no marks or fragrance, through a light and fast application and at the same time protecting the health and the environment. Also, unlike all other products, it can be used on electronic and expensive devices without damaging them. Certified result. Immediate access to the environment. Hygienio Lavander provides Hygiene, Health to your employees and customers in the most delicate and comfortable way.